One VERY Glaring Error! Jennifer Aniston Suffers Hilarious 'Influencer Fail' While Advertising Collagen Powder!

Like many celebrities with a massive platform, Jennifer Aniston uses social media as a way to sell a variety of products to her fans.

However, the Friends actress was called out by the popular Celeb Spellcheck account for an apparent 'influencer fail'.

Spot the mistake?

The video showed someone with red nails making a cup of coffee to the tune of Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham!

But when the video cut back to Jennifer drinking the coffee, her fingernails were a different colour.

Celeb Spellcheck captioned its post: 'Sleep paralysis but it's A-list movie stars advertising collagen powders on Instagram and not even using their own hands to make the coffee.

Fan weighed in with their own opinions, with one commenting: 'OMG the naillsss! It’s so obvious!' 
'Clearly her account has been hacked right?' asked another.

However, some suggested Jennifer had likely shot the video over multiple days and forgotten to match her nail polish between shots.

One fan pointed out that the unseen woman's wrist tattoo bore a striking resemblance to one sported by The Morning Show star.