'Yellowstone' Is Being 'Discontinued Effective Immediately' by Paramount Network?

In November 2023, an advertisement on the Taboola advertising network featured a photo of actor Kevin Costner and falsely claimed that the popular show "Yellowstone," which aired on Paramount Network and CBS, was being discontinued. The misleading ad read, "Yellowstone Discontinued - Effective Immediately." However, this information was not accurate.

When users clicked on the ad, they were directed to a lengthy article on the website StreetInsider.com titled "Renewed or Canceled: The Status and Budget of Your Favorite Shows on Television." The article included photos of HBO's "The White Lotus" and Paramount's "Yellowstone" at the top and noted that it was originally published on Investing.

com. The extensive article consisted of 448 paragraphs and listed a total of 224 TV shows. "Yellowstone" was mentioned at number 183 on the list.

However, the information provided about "Yellowstone" was outdated. It only mentioned that the first episode of Season 5, Part 1 would premiere in November 2022. In summary, the misleading ad about the discontinuation of "Yellowstone" led users to an extensive article that simply provided old news about the beginning of the fifth season, which had already aired a year prior. The ad had hinted at a recent development, potentially implying that the show had been canceled due to low viewership and would no longer have any new episodes.

However, the truth is that according to Deadline.com, Part 2 of the fifth season of "Yellowstone" will serve as the show's "final chapter." The remaining episodes are expected to premiere in November 2024. These types of misleading ads and lengthy articles are often created for advertising arbitrage, a strategy in which advertisers aim to earn more money from displaying ads within extensive articles or slideshow articles compared to the cost of the initial clickbait ad used to attract users to the article.

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