"Yellowstone" fans are holding out hope for Kevin Costner's return to the show, but it seems unlikely. The fifth season of the popular neo-Western went on a midseason break at the beginning of 2023 and was originally scheduled to return in the summer. However, there have been issues behind the scenes with Costner and multiple strikes, causing the show's return to be pushed back to November. Paramount Network recently announced that the show won't be returning until November 2024. While this wasn't the update fans were hoping for, it did provide a glimmer of optimism that there would be enough time to bring Costner back.

Unfortunately, Hollywood insider Matthew Belloni has revealed that Costner is unlikely to return for the remaining episodes. This news is disappointing for fans who were hoping to see Costner close out the series as John Dutton. It's uncertain how the show will proceed without him. Showrunner Taylor Sheridan will have to find a way to kill off John Dutton without ever seeing the character again. Speculations on how this might happen range from an explosion to a health issue. Whatever the method, it cannot involve a huge gunfight, as that would require Costner's involvement. Personally, I believe an explosion would be a fitting end for John Dutton.

He has already been shot once in the series, so something fresh and unexpected would provide a satisfying conclusion. Ultimately, fans deserve a great ending from Sheridan and the rest of the cast and crew. We've invested countless hours into the series since its premiere in 2018, and despite the chaos and carnage depicted, the show continues to draw in more viewers. Now, it's time to discover how the saga of the Duttons and their battle to protect the ranch comes to a close. As a devoted fan, I am eagerly anticipating the conclusion.

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