Selma Blair Says Matthew Perry 'Meant So Much to Me': 'His Comedy Was Therapy'!

Actress Selma Blair fondly remembers her friendship with Matthew Perry and reflects on the impact of his recent death. Attending the Glamour Women of the Year Awards, Blair expressed her admiration for Perry's ability to connect with people through comedy. 

She acknowledged that Perry's role as Chandler on Friends solidified his global popularity, as the show allowed viewers to form a bond with the characters. "It's good to grieve," Blair emphasized, recognizing the value of appreciating life during difficult times. The actress mourned Perry's passing in an Instagram post, referring to him as her oldest friend and expressing her unconditional love for him.

At the Women of the Year Awards, Blair, who was honored as one of the 2023 U.S.

 Women of the Year, provided an update on her battle with multiple sclerosis, stating that she remains in remission following a bone marrow transplant in 2019. She mentioned that she is gradually building her strength and stamina. Overall, Blair's heartfelt tribute to Perry and her determination in her own health journey resonated with those in attendance.

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