Courteney Cox Reflects on 'Thousands of Moments' with Her 'Kind' On-Screen Love Matthew Perry!

Courteney Cox paid tribute to her late TV husband Matthew Perry in an Instagram post on Tuesday. The actress, known for her role as Monica Geller on Friends, expressed her gratitude for the time she spent with Perry, who tragically passed away at the age of 54 in October. Cox shared a clip from the hit NBC sitcom and reminisced about the moments she wished she could share with Perry. She also revealed a behind-the-scenes story from a scene where Chandler, played by Perry, whispered a funny line for her to say before filming. Cox described Perry as funny and kind in her heartfelt tribute.

Throughout the years, Cox and Perry maintained their friendship even after the show ended in 2004.

They often reunited and shared their moments with fans on social media. In 2019, Cox posted a selfie with Perry, referring to Chandler's sarcastic tone in the caption. The duo also had a reunion on Perry's sitcom Go On in 2013, where fans enjoyed seeing the former TV couple on screen again. They continued to support each other, celebrating birthdays and joking around in classic Chandler and Monica style.

Cox, who joined TikTok during the pandemic, posted a video of herself dancing to a viral song, jokingly speculating that her dance moves were making her daughter and boyfriend keep their distance.

Perry couldn't help but sarcastically comment on the video, adding his classic Chandler humor. Cox also shared a birthday tribute to Perry on her Instagram Story, using one of Chandler's catchphrases.

After the Friends: The Reunion special aired, Cox provided an update on Perry's health, revealing that he had been struggling but was doing better. Perry had previously opened up about the pressure he felt during the show and how it affected his mental health. Cox expressed understanding and support for her friend, acknowledging the role that the cast played in supporting him.

Matthew Perry credited his Friends castmates for their support as he battled alcoholism and addiction.

He compared their support to penguins propping up an injured member of their group until they could stand on their own. Perry emphasized the close bond and love between the cast.

Courteney Cox's tribute to Matthew Perry highlights the enduring friendship they shared, even after the end of Friends. Their bond extended beyond the show, and Cox's heartfelt words demonstrate the impact that Perry had on her life.

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