NEW UPDATES: “Shocking Revelation in Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 – Wes Bentley Drops Major Spoiler about Jamie’s Fate!”

Taylor Sheridan's growing Yellowstone Cinematic Universe is an ever-expanding place of exciting storytelling and compelling characters that work together to weave audiences through an emotional story of power struggles, love, and heartache. As these stories progress, we're greeted with the idea that characters must die to keep weaving this tale.

Death changes everything, which impacts the bonds fans love and loathe in the series. The relationship dynamics in Yellowstone are one of the most exciting pieces of the Dutton family puzzle and undeniably a large part of why fans continue to tune in to Taylor Sheridan's expanding universe. These characters exist in a moral grey area (and that's putting it mildly), but they still choose to find conviction and honor amid intense ups and downs. They're also quick to point out the shortcomings of anyone who sets out to wrong them, even when those people are their own family.

Rip Wheeler and Jamie aren't related by blood, and if we're being honest, there's not much that connects them except for the Dutton name. One connection is that they both swore to John Dutton to protect the family and its reputation. Being a Dutton means holding power but also recognizing that a target is forever on your back because of it. The cost of prestige in the Yellowstone realm is often death, and you never know when it'll strike.

Mixing death, oaths, and family promises set viewers up for a series based on passionate and tumultuous relationships. One is between Rip and Jamie, although you might not initially put those pieces together. Jamie is John Dutton's (adopted) son, whom he never made a show of or told Jamie; it was John and Evelyn's decision to give the boy a chance at a better life. Rip Wheeler could also be considered an adopted son of John, while no legal paperwork ever made it so; he brought the boy in under his wing and gave him a second chance too.

So, why are fans asking if Rip has killed Jamie in Yellowstone? What could cause these two to have come from such a similar place and evolved into something where murder might be on the table? Is there a possibility that Yellowstone could end with "friends" and family packed in around a Jamie-sized coffin, despite who kills him? You know the drill from here, grab your Yellowstone-loving bestie and let's ride in.

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