The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman Gives More Details About Both Glenn and Maggie's Original Fates

Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead, has revealed that the popular character Glenn nearly met a different fate earlier in the series. The recent colorized deluxe reprint of The Walking Dead series, titled The Walking Dead Deluxe #77, includes a special feature called the "Cutting Room Floor", which contains original notes and plans for the series. In The Walking Dead #71, Kirkman stated that Glenn was always meant to die. 

However, in the "Cutting Room Floor" notes of The Walking Dead #77, Kirkman shared that Pete was initially considered as Glenn's potential killer, instead of Regina. This plot twist was planned for two issues earlier than it ultimately occurred. 

The change in Kirkman's plans for issue #75 also required reworking the covers that followed Glenn's death. In The Walking Dead #77's original cover, Maggie Rhee, now a widow, was shown undressing as a shadowed figure watched her from the window. Kirkman revealed that the original plot involved Maggie being stalked and potentially forced into a relationship, leading to a tragic outcome for her stalker. However, when Kirkman changed his mind about Glenn's death, the cover had already been printed.

 To justify the cover, Kirkman added a line of dialogue where Glenn expresses feeling like an outsider in the relationship. This adjustment allowed the cover to align with the story, albeit not as initially intended.

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