Fear The Walking Dead Stars Praise the Series Finale

Kim Dickens and Jenna Elfman, who played Madison Clark and June Dorie respectively on Fear the Walking Dead, recently discussed their characters' journeys and the emotional moments of the show's finale. Both actresses expressed a mix of pride and sadness as the long-running series comes to an end after eight seasons. 

Dickens shared her admiration for the storytelling and her gratitude for being able to close out the show. Elfman, who joined in season 4, reflected on the bittersweet feeling of leaving a character she had enjoyed exploring. She discussed June's arc of loss and the importance of relying on others for support in the apocalyptic setting.

Dickens also talked about Madison's imperfections and how Alicia became her rock again in the end. The actresses praised former cast member Cliff Curtis for his portrayal of Travis Manawa and expressed a desire to bring him back for the finale. 

They highlighted his humanity and the love he brought to the family unit. Dickens also shared her idea of Madison dreaming of her deceased son Nick. In the end, both actresses expressed their appreciation for their time on the show and the opportunity to work with such a talented cast and crew.

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