Fear The Walking Dead Rubén Blades and Danay García on the Series Finale

Fear the Walking Dead has concluded its eight-season run, leaving only five original characters standing: Madison Clark, Alicia Clark, Victor Strand, Daniel Salazar, and Luciana Galvez. Rubén Blades, who played Daniel, reflected on his pride in representing the Latin community on primetime television. He discussed the opportunity to explore the character's growth and how he approached the question of survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

 Blades also highlighted the friendships he made during the show. Danay García, who portrayed Luciana, discussed the transformative experience of being on the show for eight seasons and the difficulty of letting go.

She also spoke about her character's growth and finding healthy boundaries. Blades talked about Daniel's last conversation with Victor Strand, emphasizing the line "I'm tired of war" and the message of acceptance and redemption it conveyed. 

García expressed her desire to see Luciana have a visual dream and a conversation with the deceased character Nick Clark. When asked about standout episodes, Blades mentioned the return of Salazar in Season 3, which was completely in Spanish and well-received. García highlighted the episode "Ofelia," directed by Alycia Debnam-Carey, and the challenges they faced in translating the dialogue. The actors expressed their appreciation for the show's journey and the growth of their fellow cast members.

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