The Most Heartbreaking Deaths In The Walking Dead

1. Shane Walsh: Rick's best friend and a tragic romance with Lori. His death leaves a permanent void in the lives of Rick, Lori, and Carl.

2. Merle Dixon: Starts as a backstabber but becomes a quasi-hero. Sacrifices himself in an attempt to kill the Governor.

3. Tyreese Williams: Goes through conflicting emotional states and has an entire episode dedicated to his last day before dying of a Walker bite.

4. Abraham Ford: A gruff yet likable side character who dies courageously at the hands of Negan.

5. Henry Sutton: Brutally decapitated and mounted on a stake by Alpha, leaving Carol and Ezekiel emotionally wrecked.

6. Dale Horvath: Dies tragically from a surprise Walker attack, with Carl partially responsible.

7. Mika Samuels: Good-hearted and coldly murdered by her own sister, Lizzie, who believes that walkers are no different from people.

8. Siddiq: Selfless and killed by Whisperer spy Dante, with Rosita forced to kill him after he reanimates.

9. Sophia Peletier: Carol's daughter, her offscreen death shocks the group when they discover she had become a walker.

10. Lori Grimes: Sacrifices herself during childbirth so her daughter can live, leaving Carl to shoot her in the head.

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