‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Seriously Frustrated After Show Posts This Clip on Instagram

Fans of Yellowstone are eagerly anticipating the arrival of part 2 of season 5, but the prolonged wait is causing a new level of restlessness. As the earlier episodes of the show have been airing since September 17, the show's social media account has been using its Instagram platform to promote the upcoming episodes. In a recent post, an Instagram clip featuring the characters Beth Dutton, Kayce Dutton, and John Dutton was shared to inform viewers that the episode titled "The Remembering" would be airing on CBS that night. While fans enjoyed seeing the Dutton family in the first season of Yellowstone, the clip left many wondering about future episodes.

Several comments on the post expressed frustration over the lack of clear answers regarding part 2. People pleaded for the release of season 5 part 2 episode 1 and expressed their longing for the continuation of the season. Unfortunately, there is no answer regarding the release date of new episodes until SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP resolve their issues. Despite the wait, fans can find solace in knowing what the cast members are up to. Luke Grimes is set to release a country music EP titled "Pain Pills or Pews" on October 20, while Cole Hauser has recently launched his coffee company called Free Rein. This provides fans with a small taste of their favorite stars while they eagerly await the next chapters of Yellowstone.

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