Outlander: Jamie Fraser and Claire begin settling down in colonial

Jamie Fraser and Claire carved out a home in rural North Carolina in colonial America on Sunday's episode of Outlander.The episode titled Common Ground featured the time-traveling lovers staking out their land with the help of Young Ian after Jamie signed a 10,000-acre land grant with Governor Tryon.A local Cherokee startled them and Jamie dropped his knife in a sign of peace.

New beginning: Jamie Fraser began settling down in Fraser's Ridge on Sunday's episode of OutlanderJamie, Claire and Ian later cleared the land at Fraser's Ridge and plans were shared as they looked at an outline of their home.

The Cherokee ruin the moment as they return and throw the land boundary stakes at Jamie's feet.

Claire suggested settling down elsewhere, but Jamie insisted they were at the right place and promised to get advice form John Quincy Myers on how to live in peace.They woke up at night by their dog Rollo barking and Claire believed they were attacked by a bear by the slash marks.True love: Claire and Jamie decided to settle down in rural North Carolina together

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