Surprised! Jennifer Anisto And Luka Doncic's Date Is Exposed?

Shaq and Luka Doncic might be poles apart personalities but there is one instance in their life which is common till date. Fans might have witnessed how blatantly the 4-time NBA Champ has shot his chances by flirting with various artists/actresses on Live TV, in the past. The same was also done by Dallas Mavericks’ marquee before making his way into the league.

Sounds shocking, isn’t it? But that is indeed true. Being one of the top 5 prospects entering the league in 2018, Doncic hopped on for an exclusive segment with Bleacher Reports wherein he was asked a plethora of questions – from hopes of winning the Rookie of The Year accolade, to favorite car and even favorite actress.

This is just where the young basketball prodigy took his chances by revealing his admiration for F.R.I.E.N.D.S actress Jennifer Aniston publicly. However, this wasn’t the only time Doncic indicated something of this manner. Even in an old interview with Sports Illustrated, Doncic was found admiring the American web show, FRIENDS and he even stated the extend to which he follows and applauds it.

Did Luka Doncic date Jennifer Aniston?

Speaking of his interview with Bleacher Reports, Luka Doncic quoted, 

But to answer your questions, Luka has never dated Jennifer Aniston. Rather there have bee no reports of these two sensations of their field even getting together in a public meet. Given that it’s been 4 years since he has joined the NBA, Luka has come a long way from revealing his admiration for Aniston.

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