Fabulous! Jennifer Aniston Showed How She Is at 53 from the Beach and Without Photoshop!

The passage of time would not seem to make a dent in the appearance of Jennifer Aniston. The actress who played the character of Rachel in friends shared through his account Instagram some images of his rest days in a paradisiacal destination, enjoying the sun and the sea.

Aniston She showed part of her vacation on the beach through a photo in which she wears a bikini that combines a black upper part with a pink tone at the bottom.

Jennifer He usually shares various aspects of his life with his more than 40 million followers, such as his training routine thanks to which he maintains a good physical condition at 53 years old.

Recently, the protagonist of the film My girlfriend Polly gave an interview to PopSugar in which she told her secrets to keep her figure and commented: “In recent years I have been focusing a lot on my pilates routine, although I always combine it with doing a three-minute abdominal plank.” Aniston He started doing pilates as a result of a back injury and he liked it a lot as it also helps him gain flexibility and relax mentally.

In addition to the aforementioned exercises, the training of Jennifer It also includes strength and cardio workouts.

As she disclosed, she also applies a methodology known as “15-15-15” that is based on three 15-minute blocks that can be carried out at different times of the day.

“I always carry five to eight kilo weights with me, whether I train at home or I’m out in hotel rooms. And if I’m watching TV or reading emails, I just use the weights,” he explained. Aniston.

The demonstration of his immunity to the passage of time was reflected in a publication on the hairdresser’s social networks Chris McMillan where she is seen posing with a dress that her friend used Courtney Cox in a chapter of the famous series that ended 18 years ago.

Both actresses also made a joint publication in April where they wear T-shirts with the legend “Friends Forever” and the drawing of some keys in allusion to the final episode. These garments are part of a collection that was put up for sale for charity.

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