‘Yellowstone’ Prequel Finally Gets The Recognition It Deserves … Thank God They’re Not Punishing Sheridan

"1923," the highly anticipated prequel to the hit series "Yellowstone," has garnered widespread attention with its two major nominations for the 2024 Golden Globe Awards. Surprisingly, the Golden Globes continue to be celebrated in Hollywood, prompting us to question their relevance, especially during a year plagued by writers' and actors' strikes, a lack of new entertainment options (except for Taylor Sheridan's shows), and the disturbing trend of replacing industry professionals with robots. Nevertheless, despite these challenges, Taylor Sheridan, the talented creator responsible for producing consecutive hit series, was duly recognized for his exceptional work on "1923.


The prequel series "1923" has been nominated for the esteemed category of Best Television Series: Drama, while the esteemed actress Helen Mirren, who starred opposite the legendary Harrison Ford in the show, has received a well-deserved nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series: Drama. It is worth noting that criticizing Mirren and Ford for their collaboration with Sheridan would be foolhardy and could only serve to harm the credibility of those in charge of these award shows.

David Oyelowo, the lead actor and executive producer of Chad Feehan's "Lawmen: Bass Reeves," another Sheridan creation, has also earned a nomination.

Sheridan's television shows have largely been overlooked by the mainstream entertainment industry, much like Morgan Wallen in the music industry. Somehow, corporate media seems to harbor some undeserved disdain for Sheridan, while America has wholeheartedly embraced his unique storytelling.

Interestingly, in 2023, Kevin Costner, the lead in the flagship "Yellowstone" series, was nominated and ultimately won a Golden Globe for his exceptional performance as the formidable Dutton. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend the ceremony due to severe weather conditions in Southern California. Perhaps the organizers behind the Golden Globes are among the minority of unbiased media oligarchs? Well, who really cares about that anyway?

In conclusion, the nominations received by "1923" and its talented cast, including the remarkable Helen Mirren and the incomparable Harrison Ford, serve as a testament to the undeniable impact of Taylor Sheridan's creative prowess. Despite facing resistance from mainstream media, Sheridan's shows continue to captivate audiences across America. As we eagerly await the outcome of the 2024 Golden Globes, one thing remains certain: Taylor Sheridan's storytelling legacy is far from over, and his ability to engage and entertain is unrivaled in the industry.

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