Outlander: Jamie’s 20 Most Romantic Quotes Ever!

Perhaps the greatest aspect of Outlander -- in both the book series and the television show -- is the great love that Jamie Fraser has for his wife, Claire. There are many significant moments throughout the series that perfectly show how perfectly matched these lovers are for one another.

And for those who are fans of Jamie Fraser, a big part of the reason for that is how utterly romantic he is with Claire. So many beautiful quotes by Jamie have been said and he proves time and time again through his actions that he means every word. But there have only been a few phrases that have stood out in the fans' minds.

Updated on April 21st, 2022, by Kayleigh Banks: With the cast of Outlander having already begun filming season 7, fans are ecstatic to discover that they'll get the opportunity to see more of Claire and Jamie's love story. Not only do fans enjoy watching the pair's affectionate conversations but it is great to see them conquer any obstacles that come their way too. It is also quite endearing to see that the love the two have for each other has never wavered, with Claire and Jamie, especially, often coming up with some very beautiful quotes that perfectly summarize their feelings.      

Jamie To Claire In Season 1 Of Outlander:

"I Wake Up Every Day And Find That I Love You More Than I Did The Day Before."

Before they became one of the best couples on Outlander, it took Claire and Jamie a while to adjust to one another. Not only did fans see them clash over their opposing beliefs but their stubborn attitudes also saw them argue over the slightest things. However, they soon found themselves naturally gravitating towards one another after they bonded over several events and similar life experiences.

After that, it wasn't long before Jamie revealed that he was falling in love with her a bit more every day.

This was quite a significant milestone in their journey as this love confession was the first time he had ever said it to her. One thing is for certain - whenever Jamie said these words to a person, they would certainly have his loyalty and devotion.

Jamie To Claire In The Drums Of Autumn Book:

"Your Face Is My Heart, Sassenach, And The Love Of You Is My Soul."

Jamie Fraser can make anyone swoon. But he takes it to a whole other level when he calls Claire "Sassenach" in his own loving way.

Add to that this gorgeous quote from Drums of Autumn where Jamie bares his heart and soul to Claire once again, and in such a poetic way.

The way he makes Claire feel as though she is the only woman in the world and that he will never love another the way he loves her leaves fans awestruck.

Jamie To Claire In The Outlander Book:

"Ye Werena The First Lass I Kissed, […] But I Swear You'll Be The Last."

This quote from Jamie was packed with deep meaning when he said it to Claire in the first Outlander book. Going into their impromptu marriage, Claire knew Jamie was a virgin, while he knew she was not.

When they first kiss, though, she asks him where he learned to kiss like that. He replies, "I said I was a virgin..

.not a monk." Although Jamie may have had prior experience kissing other women, this quote he says to Claire proved that he only wanted to kiss her for the rest of his days. And he had every intention of upholding that promise.

Jamie To Claire In The Fiery Cross Book:

"I Always Wake When You Do, Sassenach; I Sleep Ill Without Ye By My Side."

Jamie and Claire are connected in ways that only soulmates can be. And for Jamie, he cannot live properly without knowing his Sassenach is okay. This includes when she is unable to sleep as Jamie insists that he cannot stay in bed if she is not by his side, as proven by this quote from The Fiery Cross.

He would rather wake up with her and be next to her in her time of need than go on sleeping by himself. It is a tremendously sweet and romantic gesture from the fans' favorite Highlander so it's no surprise that Claire is madly in love with the Scot.

Jamie To Claire In Season 4 Of Outlander:

"She Smiles In Her Sleep, As You Say I Do [...] She Is A Gift From Me To You And From You To Me."

Although Jamie and Brianna didn't meet until she was in her 20s, it didn't take long before the father and daughter were able to strike a bond. For Jamie, this was something that he had dreamed about as he had worried that she wouldn't want him after she formed a strong relationship with Frank.

Therefore, when Brianna was later asleep, fans could see that Jamie was so overcome with love for Claire and their family. It was quite sweet that he believed Brianna was one of the most precious "gifts" Claire had ever given him and that he was thoroughly enjoying their time together. By the look on Claire's face, she thought it was very endearing too.

Jamie To Claire In Season 1 Of Outlander:

"I'll Never Forget When I Came Out Of The Church And Saw You For The First Time. It Was As If I Stepped Outside On A Cloudy Day And The Sun Came Out."

While Claire and Jamie's marriage might have started as one of convenience, it did create a change in their dynamic.

Jamie did reveal in "The Wedding" that his perception of her had changed once he saw her come out of the church - like he saw her in a different light and realized that he might be attracted to her.

It's quite a sweet way of showing Claire that he might want to pursue something romantic with her and it doesn't go unnoticed that this night led to some of their first and most intimate conversations. It was certainly one of Jamie's most iconic scenes that many Outlander fans remember fondly.

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