Tim McGraw Admits One Part of 'Yellowstone' That Really Weirds Him Out

Tim McGraw and his wife Faith Hill, who starred as the married couple James and Margaret Dutton in the TV show "1883," have planted a family tree that connects to Kevin Costner's character John Dutton in "Yellowstone." However, they do not have insider information about the creator's plans for the show. McGraw did reveal something that even the executives at Paramount didn't know. In an interview with Taste of Country Nights, McGraw mentioned that he knew the outcome of his character before the show finished shooting.

"1883" is the origin story of "Yellowstone" and follows James Dutton's family as they travel from Texas to Oregon.

The scope of the tragedy portrayed in "1883" was not known to Paramount executives until the show was completed. President Bob Bakish reportedly said, "There better be a f---ing Season 2 because we already picked it up."

McGraw admits that he initially believed "1883" would only be one season due to the limited narrative possibilities of a wagon train journey. In a flashback sequence aired during Season 4 of "Yellowstone," viewers witnessed James getting shot and Margaret screaming. Although McGraw's cameo appearance was filmed before committing to the role full-time, it informed his preparation.

While James Dutton survives "1883," Margaret's fate was not known until "1923," a subsequent show in the series. Margaret's on-screen daughter Elsa Dutton explains in a narration at the beginning of "1923" that her mother froze to death one year after James was killed.

McGraw finds it surreal to see his character's tombstone on the show, jokingly pointing it out to his wife. Despite being focused on his music career, McGraw says that he and Hill would love to work together again and have several potential projects in mind.

In terms of his music, McGraw plans to release a new album in the fall, with his single "Standing Room Only" coming out soon.

Overall, the article discusses Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's involvement in the TV show "1883" and their connection to the "Yellowstone" series. It highlights McGraw's knowledge of his character's fate and his desire to work with his wife in future projects.

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