WATCH: 11 Craziest Theories About 'Yellowstone' Season 4

In the upcoming fourth season of the popular Paramount Network drama, Yellowstone, fans and critics are speculating that four or possibly five characters may meet their demise. The Season 3 finale left viewers in suspense, with triple attacks on the main characters.

While it seems unlikely that all of the characters will be killed off, theories abound regarding who will survive and who is responsible for the attacks. The actors themselves enjoy teasing fans and providing just enough information to keep them guessing.

One theory suggests that John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, will die, while two other characters' deaths seem more probable.

The question of who is behind the attacks remains a mystery. Roarke and Jamie appear guilty, but there are hints that the Divine Discord Biker Gang could be involved, as well as Rainwater and Angela Blue Thunder.

The Season 3 finale included some hints and foreshadowing, especially regarding Rip, who is one of the loyalists to the Dutton family. While he seems certain to survive due to a revenge plotline, his true love, Beth Dutton, may be in danger. However, there is a complication with this theory, which is why Beth is listed second on the list of crazy Season 4 theories.

Yellowstone's fourth season is expected to premiere in November.

Four new characters will be introduced, including a former Nashville actress. Additionally, fans have the opportunity to rent cabins on the Montana ranch that serves as the show's setting. The rental includes tours of the set and ranch, providing fans with a chance to experience the extraordinary property firsthand.

As speculation about the upcoming season mounts, viewers eagerly await the answers to their burning questions. Will John Dutton survive? Who is responsible for the attacks? And what will happen to the beloved characters of Yellowstone? Only time will tell as fans gear up for the highly anticipated Season 4.

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