Photographer Unveils Previously Unpublished ‘Friends’ Photo Featuring Matthew Perry From 1995!

In 1995, photographer George Lange was given a task by Entertainment Weekly to shoot promotional photos for various television shows, including the popular sitcom Friends. The shoot took place in a Hollywood studio, where Lange had constructed a wall with five large geometric shapes to feature the cast members, including Matthew Perry.

Lange recalls the chaos that ensued during the shoot, with a multitude of people present, including publicists, TV and network personnel, and paparazzi outside. Despite the frenzy, Lange managed to capture amazing shots of the cast, but soon realized he hadn't considered what the actors would do while inside the shapes.

However, he quickly came up with the idea for them to hold each other, which turned out to be perfect. The cast members, including Perry, were professional, sweet, and looked stunning in the photographs.

Lange's memories of the shoot are particularly poignant following Perry's recent passing at the age of 54. It was Lange's 16-year-old son who broke the news to him while scrolling through TikTok. This news prompted Lange to revisit the photographs he had taken of Perry, one of which he had never published before.

The picture shows Perry and Jennifer Aniston posing together inside a circle attached to the wall, exuding style and grace.

As a photographer, Lange aimed to capture the essence of the individuals he photographed, rather than impose his own vision. He allowed the cast members to naturally interact in the shoot, showcasing their genuine bond, which viewers of Friends also witnessed on screen.

Looking back, Lange emphasizes the emotional and physical connection between the cast members, which is evident in the photograph. He admits that group pictures are not his forte, but the Friends shoot stands as a successful exception.

Lange recently attended a friend's birthday party, where he reflected on the importance of embracing new opportunities as one grows older. He also emphasized the unpredictability of life, using Perry's untimely passing as a reminder to appreciate the goodness around us while we can.

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