How Wаlkіng Deаd: Deаd Cіty’ѕ New Vіllаіn Iѕ Conneсted To Negаn Exрlаіned By Stаr

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan in "The Walking Dead," reveals a major connection between his character and the new villain in "The Walking Dead: Dead City," The Croat, played by Željko Ivanek. According to Morgan, The Croat is an underling of Negan's from back in the day, but he has taken evil to a level that even Negan hasn't. The plot of "The Walking Dead: Dead City" centers on Maggie's attempt to rescue her son Hershel with the help of Negan, due to his mysterious connection to The Croat. It's suggested that The Croat went out of his way to kidnap Hershel because Maggie knows Negan. The show premieres this June.

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