The Great Assemblage: Unveiling the Finest Fifteen Figures of the World Beyond

Starting with number 15, we have Dennis, portrayed by actor Colin Blumenau. Dennis is a scout leader who provides guidance to the main characters throughout their journey. At number 14, we have Amelia, played by actor Veronica Franks. Amelia is a religious leader who adds a philosophical aspect to the story.

Moving on to number 13, we have Elizabeth, portrayed by Julia Ormond.  At number 12, we have Percy, played by actor Ted Sutherland. Percy is a survivor who offers a fresh perspective and comedic relief.

Continuing with number 11, we have Silas, portrayed by actor Hal Cumpston.  At number 10, we have Hope, played by actress Alexa Mansour.


Moving on to number 9, we have Leo, portrayed by actor Joe Holt. Leo is a scientist who provides valuable knowledge and expertise to the group. At number 8, we have Huck, played by actress Annet Mahendru. 

Continuing with number 7, we have Iris, portrayed by actress Aliyah Royale. Iris is Hope's sister and the other main protagonist of the show.. At number 6, we have Elton, played by actor Nicolas Cantu. 

Moving on to the top 5 characters, at number 5, we have Felix, played by actor Nico Tortorella.

 At number 4, we have Barca, portrayed by actress Kazy Tauginas. Barca is a charismatic character who adds depth and unpredictability to the show.

Coming in at number 3, we have Sylas' father, portrayed by actor David Shae. At number 2, we have Elton's mother, played by actress Natalia Payne. 

And finally, at the top of the list, we have Emilia, played by actress Jacqueline McKenzie. Emilia is a mysterious character who holds many secrets and is a driving force in the narrative.

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