Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston Dated the Same Guy, Both Ended Their Romance Under Mysterious Circumstances!

co-stars Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston became pals while filming for the hit television series. For ten seasons, it is evident how their bond grew closer than ever. But, this is Hollywood, and there is no secret that would not be revealed.

Did you know that Cox and Aniston dated the same guy? At different points in time, certainly, and they both ended the relationship with no hints as to why at all. There had been speculations, but they were all just that, mere rumors.


Jennifer Aniston And Adam Duritz’s Relationship

and met through mutual friends in 1995. The actress was working on at the time, while the other was committed to his band, Counting Crows. There is scarce knowledge about their private relationship, but fans knew it blossomed into something romantic.

In an interview with , Duritz recalled how he came to date Aniston:

“A bunch of my friends lied to me and told me she had a crush on me. Those same friends lied to her and told her I had a crush on her.

I honestly had no idea who she was. I had been on the road during all of Friends.”

Paparazzi would often capture their photos while spending time together, and it still remains a mystery why the couple decided to part ways. At the time, was a massive hit among fans. Duritz was also gaining popularity in the field of music, as evident in his two Grammy awards.

With these clues, fans were quick to speculate that the ex-couple was not destined to be together because of their profession. As both were at the height of fame, they were pretty much focused on their own careers.


Courteney Cox And Adam Duritz’s Romance

Two years after Aniston and Duritz broke up, fell in love with the musician. She met the guy when she starred in the band’s official music video of ‘’. The pair immediately felt comfortable with each other.

Despite having a past with her gal pal and co-star, Cox did not hesitate to pursue a relationship with Duritz. The frontman also defended his choice and once told :

“I don’t like that it became the only thing they wrote, but that’s their problem. It wasn’t great for me, it wasn’t great for my band. But it’s nothing I did. I’m not gonna link people’s idiocy to my choices, because those were perfectly reasonable choices. They were nice girls, and I went out with them, and that was that.”

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