Blue Bloods Stars and Their Real-Life Partners [PHOTOS]

Here is a condensed version of the information provided, focusing on the key details about the Blue Bloods stars and their real-life partners:

1.Len Cariou: Plays Henry Reagan, married to actress and producer Heather Summerhayes since 1986.
2.Tom Selleck: Portrays Frank Reagan, married to actress Jillie Mack since 1987.
3.Bridget Moynahan: Portrays Erin Reagan, married to businessman Andrew Frankel since 2015.
4.Donnie Wahlberg: Portrays Danny Reagan, married to TV personality Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg since 201

5.Will Estes: Portrays Jamie Reagan, currently single.
6.Vanessa Ray: Portrays Eddie Janko-Reagan, married to actor Landon Beard since 2015.
7.Peter Hermann: Portrays Jack Boyle, married to actress Mariska Hargitay since 2004.
8.Amy Carlson: Formerly played Linda Reagan, married to producer Syd Butler since 2004.
9.Sami Gayle: Formerly portrayed Nicky Reagan-Boyle, currently single.
10.Bonnie Somerville: Portrays Paula Hill, married to Dave McClain since 2021.

11.Abigail Hawk: Portrays Abigail Baker, married to Bryan Spies since 2009.
12.Gregory Jbara: Portrays Garrett Moore, married to Julie Victoria Derham since 1997.
13.Robert Clohessy: Portrays Sidney Gormley, married to Catherine Erhardt since 1987.
14.Roslyn Ruff: Portrays Kimberly Crawford, currently single.
15.Marisa Ramirez: Portrays Maria Baez, currently single.
16.Ian Quinlan: Portrays Luis Badillo, currently single.
17.Steve Schirripa: Portrays Anthony Abetemarco, married to Laura Lemos since 1989.
18.Kate Miller: Portrays Vivian Abetemarco, married to actor John DiMaggio since 2014.
19.Dylan Walsh: Formerly played Mayor Peter Chase, married to Leslie Bourque since 2022.
20.Stephanie Kurtzuba: Portrays Captain McNichols, married to Joshua Coakley since 2005.
Please note that the relationships and marital statuses mentioned are based on the information provided and may have changed since then.

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