Addy Miller: The Youngest Walker of The Walking Dead - Unveiling the Role Played by Addy Miller in the Acclaimed TV Series

Addy Miller, known as the Teddy Bear Girl from The Walking Dead, revealed that her character's name is Summer. In the show's pilot episode, Rick Grimes kills the first on-screen walker, played by Miller. Described as a dead girl with braces who is hungry for flesh, Miller saw her character as a sad and dead child trying to survive as a walker. At the age of ten, Miller attended Walker School with actress Madison Lintz, who played Sophia, as they were the only child actors allowed to portray walkers.

 Miller spent two hours in the makeup chair to transform into the Teddy Bear walker and had a pre-stained costume.

She was also well-padded and trained by a stuntman to safely fall during her death scene. Miller shared a funny moment with Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick, before filming the scene. Miller was surprised to be brought back as a walker for the show's 100th episode. 

In addition to her role in The Walking Dead, Miller has appeared in other films such as Plan 9 and Behind You. She will also star in the horror film The Devil's Tree. Miller was cast as a young Barbara in Night of the Living Dead: Genesis, but the film's status is currently unknown. Overall, Miller is grateful for her role as the Teddy Bear Girl and has a special place in The Walking Dead family.

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