'It's a deficit you won't ever get back': Jennifer Aniston Regrets One Mistake From her Past When She Was a Young Actress in Hollywood!

Becoming one of the most celebrated stars in the ream of comedy through her inclusion in the beloved sitcom and several other projects didn’t come off easy for Jennifer Aniston. At 54, while looking back at her career, the actress shared her regret of not prioritizing her health at the initial phase of her career.

While speaking with InStyle Magazine, the Murder Mystery star opened up about the inner struggles she endured during the early phase of her career through overstressing herself with work.

And she shared how she overcame it in the following years of her career.

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Jennifer Aniston regrets neglecting sleep in the early phase of her career

Being an integral part of and several other projects did take a toll on health throughout her career.  The star expressed her regret for overstressing herself in the early days of her career and neglecting the importance of having an ample amount of sleep. And even though initially, it didn’t strike her as a major issue, it did take a toll on her in the long run. The actress stated,

“When you’re younger, you kind of take it for granted.

You think, ‘I can survive on three-to-five hours of sleep and I feel great,’ and then, suddenly, it just starts not to feel great and your performance isn’t as up to par as it should be. You realize a lack of sleep leads to all sorts of health issues. It’s a deficit you won’t ever get back.”

But after years of draining herself through working on a plethora of projects throughout her career, the actress has finally learned to prioritize her health. And even though she is still busy with her upcoming projects, the actress doesn’t understate her well-being anymore.

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Jennifer Aniston doesn’t neglect her health anymore

While expressing her regret for always overstressing herself in the initial phase of her career, the actress stated that she doesn’t take her health for granted anymore. Despite being included in many projects, she has learned to acknowledge her well-being and doesn’t back away from ensuring a good night’s sleep through following meditation, lessening screen time before bed, and a good relaxing hot bath.

But on the rare occasions when she isn’t able to get a night of ample sleep, the actress shared her ways of adjusting to it by stating,

“I don’t push myself so hard [in a workout] because that will lead to an injury when your body and your brain aren’t fully rested.

I just try to do my best and just figure out everything possible that will ensure a good night’s sleep.”

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But despite the initial struggles at the beginning of her career, the actress eventually worked it out and is currently the healthiest and happiest she has ever been. And the star is ready to pump out more projects in the foreseeable future, including the third season of , which is set to release this year.

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