Danny and Baez Heartbreak: Blue Bloods Fans in Uproar over Romance's Major Setback!

Detective Maria Baez (played by Marisa Ramirez) and Danny Reagan's (Donnie Wahlberg) flirtationship has had Blue Bloods fans gripped for years on the CBS drama. However, in the latest episode, with Danny finally ready to try and find love again following the death of his wife Linda (Amy Carlson), his eyes weren't set on Baez, instead opting for a date with newcomer Laura Acosta (Jessica Pimentel).

It transpired during the episode that Danny and Laura had a history that stemmed back to the fateful night which claimed Linda's life.Laura was harbouring the repercussions of a painful injury inflicted in the line of duty around the same time Linda had died and she was now set on retirement.

However, Laura was told she wouldn't qualify for a full disability pension, prompting Frank (Tom Selleck) to garner interest in her case.And while Sid (Robert Clohessy) fought Laura's corner, Frank soon discovered his son Danny was also on her side - and for a rather touching reason.Danny took his father's words on board and decided to meet Laura for a drink where he was able to share the news her full disability pension had been approved.He even promised her this wouldn't be their only meeting with one another now they'd reconnected.The episode left an almighty cliffhanger for Danny's romantic future, but with the Blue Bloods stalwart now seemingly open to finding a partner, many have been left fuming that writers appear to have dismissed Baez's chances.

Taking to Twitter during the episode, @lisamarieLML fumed: "Lol the #BlueBloods writers basically just gave a big screw you to the fans who have been waiting for Danny & Baez, not impressed. All that history with them & we get a newbie not seen before tonight?"

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