Drew Barrymore Experiences ’First Hot Flash’ at 48 While On Air With Jennifer Aniston

Drew Barrymore taught us all a valuable lesson while on air:  can happen anytime, anywhere—even while interviewing Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler on TV.

Barrymore, 48, has been very open about taboo topics such as  and , but she didn’t expect to experience her first bout of hot flashes while she was on the air. While interviewing  and Adam Sandler, ahead of the , she interrupted the interview to say that she suddenly felt  hot.

She couldn’t help but speak up about her symptoms, saying, “I am so hot, I think I’m having my first  hot flashes,” She then quickly took off her blazer and started fanning herself rapidly, noting “for the first time, I think I’m having my first hot flash. Whoa!”

We think it’s safe to say that Barrymore was glad that she had some of her closest former co-stars by her side while she experienced her first hot flash. We can’t wait to see the other ways in which she’ll shine a light on this important topic.

Aniston, who just  last month, has also been open about , even sharing . And when it came to Barrymore’s spontaneous hot flash, Aniston was there to support her through the experience. She immediately told Barrymore that she felt “so honored” to share in the milestone moment.

Barrymore, breathless and shocked by her solo heat wave, hastily asked Aniston “I’m so sorry, do you feel this?...Or maybe I’m just that excited.” With a laugh, she said, “Well, I’m so glad I have this moment documented.”

Of course, Barrymore had to share the hilariously awkward moment with her social media followers,  with the witty caption: I either had my first perimenopause hot flash or got really excited to see @jenniferaniston and @adamsandler! Maybe both?

Fans flocked to the comments section, one writing, “When your body decides to evolve on TV. A historic moment. 😂❤️.” Another chimed in with: “Did it feel like you were boiling from the inside out?? 🔥🔥 And have the overwhelming urge to take off clothes? Then YES! It’s a hot flash!” One commenter thanked Barrymore for her openness, writing, “Thank you for helping to normalize talking openly about perimenopause and menopause! 🔥🔥.”

This was the second time this week that Barrymore, Aniston, and Sandler were all in the same room. Last weekend, Sandler was honored with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor at the Kennedy Center. Barrymore and Aniston honored their friend with some hysterical storytelling about their shared love for Sandler.