Matthew McConaughey's 'Yellowstone' Spinoff Moving Forward Regardless of Kevin Costner's Fate

There's finally a major update surrounding . The once rumored spinoff series starring  is now actually moving forward, and it's happening regardless of whether  returns or exits the flagship series.

In an in-depth conversation with , Paramount boss Chris McCarthy shared the nugget surrounding cable television's most-watched TV show, saying McConaughey is lined up to star in a extension. That will happen, McCarthy tells , whether Costner returns to helm the original show that's spawned a series of spinoffs.

What's more, McCarthy shared that the Taylor Sheridan universe is on the cusp of growing even bigger, saying McConaughey's

 extension is one of more than 10 projects McCarthy has with Sheridan, the architect behind and , among others, on Paramount Network and Paramount+.

As for Costner's fate on the flagship show, McCarthy didn't offer any update on that front, only to say 's success "wouldn't be what it is today without Kevin and we hope that that stays for a long time to come."

The update comes nearly two months after it was first reported that might come to an end in its current form sooner than expected amid a  report alleging disagreements over Costner's filming schedule. According to the report, Costner allegedly requested one week of shooting to complete the remaining eight episodes in

, which is slated to resume in the summer. His request was allegedly denied by Paramount Network.

At the time, a spokesperson for Paramount Network told ET that the network had "no news to report," while adding that Costner "is a big part of  and we hope that's the case for a long time to come."

Weeks after the report,  reported between different key players were at the root of the problem.

Reporter Matthew Belloni, who wrote about the behind-the-scenes drama for , told ET that some feel Costner, who , has "a pretty big ego" and that this likely "came to the forefront on , especially recently, as has a passion project that he's wanted to do for a long time -- to direct this movie called 

, which is a western that he's directing and starring in."

"He really wanted to put that in front of , and the producers of  said, 'Hey, the show is your first priority, we're paying you a lot of money to do this show.' And Kevin just was very headstrong and wanted his way," Belloni stated. "This was a fight that has been playing out for the past few months now behind the scenes."

Costner's attorney, Marty Singer, later  about Costner's schedule request.

"The idea that Kevin was only willing to work one week on the second half of season 5 of is an absolute lie. It's ridiculous," Singer stated. "As everyone who knows anything about Kevin is well aware, he is incredibly passionate about the show and has always gone way above and beyond to ensure its success."

Costner earned a Golden Globe for  for his portrayal as patriarch John Dutton. He after he was forced to miss the awards show in California.

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