Yellowstone Star Kelly Reilly Reveals Unexpected Disagreements with Creator Taylor Sheridan

Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly sometimes has conflicting ideas for her character, Beth Dutton, compared to the show's creator, Taylor Sheridan. Despite this, Reilly embraces the unpredictability and surprises that come with playing the role. The final episode of Season 5, although delayed in production, is expected to be beautiful and epic, exploring themes of love, family, and preserving a way of life. The show's transition to CBS also presents new opportunities. 

Reilly's portrayal of Beth has made her a fan favorite, but in a featurette for the Season 5 Part 1 Blu-ray and DVD release of Yellowstone, she revealed that her ideas for the character don't always align with those of Sheridan.

Reilly has been playing Beth for over five years and, despite a deep connection to the character, she sometimes yearns for different directions for her. However, she recognizes that as an actor, she is beholden to the vision of the storyteller and serves the story. Reilly's confession offers insight into the dynamic between actor and creator, emphasizing the spontaneity and complexity of shaping a character that has become a cornerstone of the show. 

As Yellowstone progresses through its fifth season, Reilly expressed anticipation for the final episode, which she described as potentially beautiful and epic but unsure if it will have a happy ending.

The series is known for its underlying themes of safeguarding a way of life and preserving family legacy, leaving fans eagerly awaiting future developments. Despite delays and early stages of production for the final episodes, the show's focus on love, family, and serving one's tribe provides a source of juicy drama, according to Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce Dutton. 

While Reilly's hopes for Beth may differ from Sheridan's vision, her dedication ensures audiences can expect an extraordinary portrayal filled with authenticity and depth. The future of Yellowstone remains as wild and unpredictable as the terrain it portrays, making it a show that should not be missed.

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