Jennifer Aniston Has Emotional Reunion With Unexpected Friends Actor!

Jennifer Aniston has an unexpected reunion with an actor from , and it's emotional. The iconic sitcom was known for its special guests, as it brought in the likes of Brad Pitt and Reese Witherspoon over the course of ten seasons. But it's also notable for featuring a number of future stars that would go on to be known for much bigger roles, such as Ellen Pompeo, Craig Robinson, and Dakota Fanning.

Mae Whitman, who appeared as a guest on season 3, reunited with Aniston during a taping of .

Whitman's guest role on came when she was only eight years old. The actor, who has since gone on to be known for playing Annie Marks in the show , recalled how Aniston was very kind and how that stayed with her over the years. In the video, the Rachel actor reacts to meeting up with Whitman and hearing her story.

Who Did Mae Whitman Play On Friends?

Whitman played Sarah Tuttle in the episode "The One Where Rachel Quits." She's part of the Brown Birds selling cookies to people, and Ross becomes her friend after a memorable scene where he accidentally breaks her leg with a bag full of tennis rackets. Ross ends up selling the cookies on her behalf. At the end of the half-hour, she gets her own private space camp with the help of Joey and Chandler.

In the years since her appearance and her time on , Whitman starred in the comedy She also had roles in and . She currently leads , a musical dramedy series that recently debuted on Hulu. Still, even with an impressive and diverse filmography, her early time on had a lasting impact even though it was brief.

The role itself is notable in its own right. So often in sitcoms, and even on , children are depicted as ruthless truth-tellers that the adults can't stand up to. Sarah subverts the trope, telling a sweet one-off story that has a positive ending. Based on Whitman's recollections, the positivity extends off-screen as well.