"It Was So Painful": TWD Dead City Star Reflects On Big Character Twist!

The Walking Dead: Dead City star, Jonathan Higginbotham, has shared his thoughts on the recent character twist involving Tomasso in episode 5. In the episode, it is revealed that Tomasso betrayed the rebel group by tipping off The Croat, in order to protect his girlfriend, Amaia. However, this ultimately leads to the death of everyone in the group. Higginbotham expressed his love for the complexity of Tomasso's character and the pain he felt during the scene. He also praised Karina Ortiz, who plays Amaia, for her impactful performance.

Tomasso's betrayal mirrors Maggie's actions, as she plans to trade Negan for her son Hershel. Just like Tomasso, Maggie is willing to sacrifice others to save the person she loves. The article suggests that Negan may discover Maggie's true intentions in the upcoming episode, resulting in a conflict between the two characters. The season finale is expected to explore the consequences of Maggie's choices, whether she will end up like Tomasso or not.

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