Yellowstone's 1923 star teases different character in season 2 following finale

Brandon Sklenar, the star of the 1923 series, has given fans a sneak peek into what they can expect from his character, Spencer Dutton, in the upcoming second season. Starring alongside Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, the show is a prequel to Yellowstone and takes place in 1920s Montana during the Prohibition era and the Great Depression. At the end of season one, Spencer found himself in a difficult situation while trying to return to the Yellowstone ranch.

 After a tense encounter with Alexandra's former fiancé, Arthur, Spencer and his wife were separated. Spencer ended up alone on a ship, while Alexandra found herself in a precarious situation.

The couple made a promise to reunite in Bozeman, but it seems like their journey won't be an easy one. In a recent interview with TVLine, Sklenar hinted at the hardships Spencer will face in season two. "He's at such a loss at that point, it's as if he's lost everything, and he feels like it's his fault," the actor revealed.

Spencer is plagued by the uncertainty of ever seeing his wife or family again, and this burden weighs heavily on him. Sklenar also discussed Spencer's fears about what awaits him once he returns home. With Alexandra's future up in the air and his aging relatives, he worries that every minute he's away from them is a step closer to losing them.

The stakes are high, and Spencer's character undergoes a significant transformation by the end of the season one finale. When viewers see him again in season two, he will be a different man altogether. For fans eager to catch the show, 1923 is available for streaming on Paramount+ in the US and Canada. UK and Australia viewers can stream episodes the day after they air. Additionally, Yellowstone season five will also be available on the same platform. With Brandon Sklenar's hints about Spencer's character arc, viewers can expect plenty of drama, emotional moments, and intense storytelling in the second season of 1923. The show continues to captivate audiences with its gripping depiction of a tumultuous era in American history.

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