Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Season 1 Ending Explained - Does Daryl Get Back Home?

The finale of Daryl Dixon season 1 of "The Walking Dead" spinoff leaves viewers with an ambiguous ending. While it is unclear whether Daryl leaves France or stays with Laurent, there are many clues suggesting that he chooses to stay. Daryl's relationship with Laurent is paternal, and he feels responsible for the boy after being abandoned by his own father. Additionally, Daryl feels a greater purpose in helping the Union of Hope defeat Genet and protect France from tyranny. The finale also introduces Melissa McBride's Carol, who will play a major role in Daryl Dixon season 2. The future of the war against Genet and the importance of Laurent are also highlighted in the finale. Finally, Quinn sacrifices himself for Daryl and Laurent, and Codron betrays Genet to help them escape. The symbolism of the Rubik's Cube shows Daryl's growth and connection to Laurent.

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