Gotta Call 9-1-1, A Night of Mayhem!" "Family Secrets Unleashed: The Haunting Case of the Blue Bloods" "Locked in the Past: Time Capsule Mystery on That '70s Show" "Unforgettable Encounters: Captivating Tales from How I Met Your Mother" "The Office Olympics: A Day of Hilarity and Rivalry at Dunder Mifflin

The article discusses the concept of bottle episodes and how they can be the best and most memorable episodes of a TV series. It mentions the example of "The Box" episode on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The article then looks ahead to future seasons of favorite shows and wonders which ones would do well with a bottle episode. It suggests ideas for shows like 9-1-1, Blue Bloods, and FBI: Most Wanted. The article ends by mentioning that premiere dates for these shows are uncertain due to the writers and actors strikes.

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