Matthew Perry's Emotional Rollercoaster: Reliving His Heartrending Journey on 'Growing Pains'! 😢🎢

Once upon a time, before he became famous as Chandler Bing on Friends, Matthew Perry was a character actor taking on minor roles in popular prime time shows like Charles in Charge, Silver Spoons, and Who's the Boss? But it was his heart-wrenching performance on Growing Pains in 1987 that left a lasting impact on many Gen-Xers.

In this tearjerker episode entitled "Second Chance," Perry played Sandy, a college student whose life is tragically cut short due to a drunk driving accident. In the storyline, a 20-year-old Perry takes his girlfriend Carol Seaver (played by Tracey Gold) out for a dinner, during which they consume a few beers.

Little did they know, this innocent night out would have fatal consequences.

After discovering that Sandy had crashed his car into a tree and ended up in the hospital, Carol visits him to find him battered but still alive. Despite the serious situation, Sandy manages to share some lighthearted banter with Carol. He confesses to drunk driving and they both acknowledge the anger it has caused their parents. However, they take solace in the fact that Sandy has been given a second chance at life.

But just when you thought things might turn around, tragedy strikes. Carol returns home from the hospital to the devastating news from her brother Mike (played by Kirk Cameron) that Sandy has

died from internal bleeding. Carol struggles to comprehend why Sandy didn't receive the second chance he was promised, and her heartbreak is palpable.

The episode ends with a somber note. The viewers are informed that during the airing of this episode, 30 alcohol-related car crash fatalities occurred in the United States. This powerful message left a lasting impact on fans of Perry, who have shared their own experiences and memories since news of his tragic death at 54 on Saturday.

Joanna Kerns, who played Maggie Seaver, fondly remembers Perry's standout performance on the show.

She describes him as funny, attractive, quick-witted, and incredibly intelligent. Kerns acknowledges that even with immense talent and recognition, Perry struggled with sobriety, much like her own younger brother who succumbed to substance abuse.

Perry's untimely passing was a shock to all. He was found dead in his Los Angeles residence, apparently due to drowning. Authorities revealed that no drugs were discovered at the scene, and an autopsy is currently being conducted to determine the cause of death. While the LAPD Robbery-Homicide Division investigates, foul play is not suspected.

Perry's family expressed their heartache at the tragic loss of their beloved son and brother. They thanked everyone for their tremendous outpouring of love and recognized the joy Matthew brought to the world. Rest in peace, Matthew.

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