Everything We Know About The Spinoff -Yellowstone: 6666 - Release Date Prediction, Story

The upcoming spinoff of Taylor Sheridan's hit Western crime/antihero drama Yellowstone on Paramount+ is called Yellowstone: 6666. Following the conclusion of Yellowstone season 4, series creator Taylor Sheridan is expanding his contemporary Western universe with multiple shows. While the first prequel, 1923 and 1883, delves into the origins of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch empire in Montana, Yellowstone: 6666 will provide more insight into the notorious 6666 or Four Sixes Ranch in Texas. The ranch, known for being the birthplace of modern cowboying, was introduced in Yellowstone when ranch hand Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) was sent there by John Dutton to learn essential cowboy skills.

When Jimmy returned to the Dutton ranch in Yellowstone season 4, episode 10, "Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops," he was a changed man. Yellowstone: 6666 will explore the workings of the infamous but highly respected Texas ranch and will take the franchise outside of Montana for the first time. Although there haven't been many updates on the upcoming Yellowstone spinoff, rumors about the cast have emerged. It has been speculated that Matthew McConaughey may join the cast of Yellowstone: 6666, but nothing has been officially confirmed. The show was confirmed back in February 2021, but there hasn't been much progress, possibly due to strikes and other projects that Taylor Sheridan is currently working on.

As a result, Yellowstone: 6666 is unlikely to be released before 2024. Paramount+ and NBCUniversal's Peacock have yet to announce an official release date. Fans have theorized that characters from the original series, such as Jimmy and Walker (played by Ryan Bingham), may appear in the Yellowstone: 6666 cast if the spinoff is set in the same timeline. It has also been speculated that characters like Jimmy's fiancee Emily (played by Kathryn Kelly) and elderly cowboy Ross (played by Barry Corbin) from the Four Sixes Ranch may join the cast. However, if Yellowstone: 6666 focuses on the founding of the Four Sixes Ranch, it may introduce an entirely new cast of characters.

As for the storyline of Yellowstone: 6666, no specific details have been released. However, a press release from Paramount+ described the ranch as a place where the rule of law and the laws of nature coexist, with a rich history dating back to when Comanches ruled West Texas. Whether the spinoff is set in the present or the past, it will continue to push the Western genre's boundaries, aligning with Taylor Sheridan's vision for his body of work. The real Four Sixes Ranch was founded in 1900 by Texas cattleman Samuel Burk Burnett.

The ranch's name comes from the first 100 head of cattle that Burnett purchased in 1870, all of which were branded with "6666".

The ranch has a reputation for breeding superior horses and Angus cattle. In February 2020, Burnett's great-great-granddaughter Anne Burnett Marion passed away, resulting in the ranch being listed for sale. Taylor Sheridan purchased the ranch in May 2021, likely in preparation for Yellowstone: 6666. The Four Sixes Ranch spans approximately 260,000 acres, including the 6666 Ranch, Dixon Creek Ranch, and Frisco Creek Ranch. With all the possibilities for Yellowstone: 6666, Taylor Sheridan's decision to expand the Yellowstone universe seems justified. Whether the spinoff is set in the past, present, or future, Yellowstone: 6666 could surpass both the original Yellowstone and the first spinoff, 1883.

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