Matthew Perry Opened Up To ET in 1998 About His Struggles With Vicodin!

In a 1998 interview with Entertainment Tonight (ET), Matthew Perry candidly shared his battle with addiction to the painkiller Vicodin. The actor, widely known for his role as Chandler Bing on the popular TV show Friends, opened up about his struggles and the impact his addiction had on his personal and professional life.

During the interview, Perry revealed that he had become dependent on Vicodin following a 1997 jet ski accident. He admitted that he initially started taking the pain medication as prescribed but quickly found himself relying on it for non-medical reasons. Perry acknowledged that the addictive nature of the drug, combined with his addictive personality, made it difficult for him to control his usage.

The Friends star candidly confessed that his addiction had caused him to isolate himself from friends and family, leading to feelings of loneliness and depression. Perry explained that he often found solace in the comfort Vicodin provided, but it eventually became a crutch for him to deal with his emotions. As a result, his personal relationships began to suffer, and he felt disconnected from those around him.

Moreover, Perry disclosed that his addiction also impacted his work on Friends. He admitted that there were times when he couldn't remember certain episodes due to the effect of the medication.

Perry felt a tremendous pressure to deliver as an actor and feared that his addiction would hinder his ability to perform at his best. Consequently, he recognized the urgent need to address his addiction and seek help.

The actor expressed his willingness to enter rehabilitation to overcome his addiction to Vicodin. He emphasized the importance of professional treatment and therapy in his recovery process. Perry acknowledged that addiction is a lifelong battle and pledged to make every effort to regain control of his life.

Matthew Perry's decision to publicly discuss his struggles with addiction in the ET interview was seen as a courageous move.

By sharing his story, he hoped to raise awareness about the dangers of prescription drug misuse and inspire others who may be facing similar challenges to seek help.

In conclusion, Matthew Perry's 1998 interview with ET shed light on his battle with addiction to Vicodin. The actor's frankness about the impact of his addiction on his personal relationships and professional life highlighted the importance of seeking help and undergoing rehabilitation. Perry's willingness to discuss his struggles publicly was applauded for its potential to inspire others in similar situations.

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