WHAT?! Jennifer Aniston Nearly LOST The Role Of Rachel Green On 'Friends'! Big Secret Revealed!

Brace yourselves,  fans, because  Jennifer Aniston almost didn’t play the iconic role of Rachel Green! Yeah, we know, it’s wild to even think about!

During an appearance on, the 52-year-old actress dished on how director  James Burrow cautioned her that the show she was working on, , might continue for another season “just to spite this show.” Of course, that decision would affect her ability to take on the new part, and it unfortunately got the green light:

“Sure enough, they [the show] actually did. They picked it up just for three episodes. And so that’s when other girls — and then Friends sort of had a moment of, ‘Ooh, we should start just having a backup for Rachel.’”Can you even imagine anyone else playing Rachel?! We mean it wouldn’t be Friends without the one and only Jennifer Aniston!But what is even worse is that Jen received a couple of calls from some pals who were in line to possibly replace The Morning Show star! She explained:“I remember my friends calling me saying, ‘I’m auditioning for Rachel. Will you help me with the…’ And I was like, what? What? … I had a couple of girlfriends.

Yeah. So they were fine trying to find backups if this other show went beyond those three episodes.”In a last-ditch effort, Jennifer begged to be released from the role of Madeline Cooper, so she could join the cast as Rachel instead. While she got out of the series, it wasn’t without some unneeded opinions from one of the producers on the short-lived comedy:“That’s when he said, ‘I’ve seen that show Friends, I saw that show. I saw the pilot. That’s not going to make you a star. This show will make you a star.’ And then the rest is history.”Jokes on you, buddy! It’s safe to say Aniston made the right choice as Muddling Through was canceled after 1 season. There’s also the minor — okay MAJOR — detail that Friends lasted for 10 seasons and has become a television staple for people. We can only imagine what that producer thinks now! And even though he may not owe Jen an apology, we think it would only be fair for her to say: I told you so. LOLz! 

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