Outlander season 5 spoilers: Jamie and Claire’s sex scenes were CUT..

OUTLANDER season five is still in pre-production but fans are still thinking back to the lack of sex scenes between Jamie Fraser and Claire Fraser last year. Now the executive producer has revealed the startling reason why, and teases some much sexier content to come.

Fans of the STARZ time-travelling drama have been glued to the story primarily because of the electrifying chemistry between Jamie (played by Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe).

The unlikely Outlander couple have become one of the most loved couples in TV history, but their relationship has undergone some huge changes over the years.

Season one racked up some incredibly intense love making between the redheaded Scottish Highlander and the 20th Century former World War II nurse, but these depleted as time went on.

And season four had even less of these scenes, with some fading to black or being moved on more swiftly than fans were used to.

Now executive producer Maril Davies has revealed the real reason this shift has happened on the historical drama.

Speaking to Glamour, she mused: "I think every season is different.

"This season we were introducing more characters, and there was a lot of story to get in."

The writer then explained when the bosses are trying to navigate so many different twists and turns in the plot, it doesn't make sense to include love scenes just for the sake of it.

The writers have always been vocal about not doing any sex scenes for gratuitous purposes.

"We've always talked about the sex scenes, we love them too, but they have to be organic to the story," Maril said.

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