Outlander Season 7 Episode 5: Explosive Revelations Leave Fans Breathless!"

Outlander season 7, episode 5, titled "Tunnels and Portals," furthered multiple storylines with potentially major consequences. The episode explored the struggles faced by Claire and Brianna in their respective workplaces and introduced Jemmy's problems at school due to the use of Gaelic. Jamie's prediction about the outcome of the Battle of Ticonderoga highlighted how the future couldn't always be changed. Brianna's discovery of a tunnel portal hinted at a time travel storyline. William's moral dilemma and attitude towards war changed after killing Mr. Johnson. The introduction of Simon Fraser expedited Jamie and Claire's trip to Scotland, and Claire's connection with Denny hinted at a major book story. Brianna's confrontation with Rob Cameron set up their future confrontation.

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