Outlander's Heroic Love: Claire, the Ultimate Savior of Jaime!

Outlander Season 7 has begun, and fans can't wait to see how Claire and Jamie will fair in 1776. With new dangers surrounding them, Claire and Jamie will save each other from enemies, new and old, as they have in the show's previous seasons.

Despite being seen as the weaker gender due to the period, Claire proves to be one of the strongest characters in Outlander. She uses her modern knowledge to help her survive in 18th-century Scotland and beyond. Claire isn't afraid to step in and help Jamie when needed and saves his life more than once.

The first episode of Outlander lets viewers know who the villains in the series will be early on.

Claire and Jamie encounter the British soldiers separately, but Claire has to save Jamie from their actions several times in the first episode. Claire saves Jamie three times after they meet, starting with resetting his dislocated shoulder before his fellow travelers can break his arm.

Due to traveling with Frank days before, Claire can tell Jamie about the incoming British ambush and save everyone riding with them from certain death. Finally, Claire cleans Jamie's gunshot wound and keeps him from dying of infection. By saving Jaime, Claire gains his trust early and proves she is more of a help than a hindrance to the others.

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