Taylor Sheridan Exacted Revenge On Sons Of Anarchy With Brutally Humiliating Scene In Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone!

If you’re a fan of the old bada*s Western films filled with hard-boiled cowboys and a lot of revolvers, then Taylor Sheridan’s is something that you would’ve heard of if not watched already. Binging the old flair from the good early days of Hollywood into modern times, this thrilling drama series has a lot to offer for the fans of the genre.

But before the star became the creator of one of the best TV shows in the industry, he was just an actor who was best known for his role in another iconic drama series 

But it seems like he wasn’t too happy when he left the series as during an episode of , he seemed to have taken revenge on his previous series with an episode of cowboys and bikers facing off.

Taylor Sheridan Took Revenge On Sons Of Anarchy With This Yellowstone Episode

Before he changed his career and became one of the best screenwriters in the business, Taylor Sheridan was popular for portraying Officer David Hale in the iconic drama series But, due to having many issues with the production and crew, the star decided to take his leave from the show, which led to his character being killed off in a seemingly retributive manner.

This experience may have soured the star so much that he created a very violent storyline which included the cowboys of  taking on a gang of bikers in an episode.

In an episode of Season 3 of his series titled we see Ryan, Colby, and  Teeter on the Dutton Ranch, at first, peacefully asking a group of bikers to move away from their property toward the National Park property line. But that request goes unfulfilled as they engage in a heated brawl with the Cowboys.

Just then,  Rip Wheeler and Lloyd arrive on the scene, and seeing them fight, they decide to join the fray.

First, they smash the bikes parked behind the fence with their truck, and then climb down to show them who’s boss. After an intense and violent scene where they beat the sh*t out of the bikers, they pull out their guns and threaten them to leave the property this instant.

Many fans believed that this was Sheridan’s way of getting back at  for treating him and his character in such an unfair way during his exit.

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