‘1923’: Brandon Sklenar on Spencer’s ‘Tragic’ Finale and Promises Payoff in Season 2

Actor Brandon Sklenar discusses the season 1 finale of Paramount+ drama "1923" and teases the potential for a strong payoff in season 2. Spoiler alert for those who haven't seen the finale yet.

The season 1 finale of "1923" left the Dutton family in a precarious position. Jacob (played by Harrison Ford) finds himself under the control of wealthy tycoon Donald Whitfield (played by Timothy Dalton), who has paid off Jacob's massive debt on the ranch. With the fate of the ranch hanging in the balance, Spencer (played by Brandon Sklenar) is desperate to make it back home to save his family. However, a brawl aboard a ship results in Spencer being separated from his wife, Alexandra (played by Julia Schlaepfer), and thrown into the brigs.

Meanwhile, Alexandra races to reach Spencer before he is taken away on a dinghy.

In an interview, Sklenar reflects on the finale and the challenges his character faces in the upcoming season. He acknowledges the pain and longing Spencer feels as he tries to find his way back home and save his family. The decision to focus on finding Alexandra or returning home becomes a difficult one for Spencer, but Sklenar believes that Spencer will choose to go home and hope that Alexandra can find him. He hopes to see a powerful and intense reunion when Spencer finally returns to the ranch.

Sklenar admits that the slow-burn nature of Spencer's story has been challenging but hopes that it will lead to a satisfying payoff in season 2.

He wants to see Spencer fully realize his purpose and mission, taking down the antagonists at the ranch. Sklenar also expresses his excitement for the second season, which he hopes will have its own unique feel.

The actor also discusses the memorable swordfight scene in the finale and the satisfaction he finds in performing action and stunt work. He praises the stunt team and the chemistry between him and Rafe Soule, who plays Arthur. Sklenar mentions the exhilarating experience of throwing a stuntman off the boat during filming.

Sklenar reveals that he, like the fans, is in the dark about where Spencer's story is headed and eagerly anticipates what creator Taylor Sheridan has in store.

He describes Spencer's journey as epic and compares it to Homer's Odyssey. Sklenar believes that the second part of the season will bring a tonal shift and is excited to see how it unfolds.

In conclusion, Sklenar's insights give fans a glimpse into the emotional journey Spencer will continue to face in season 2 of "1923." With the stakes higher than ever for the Dutton family, viewers can anticipate a dramatic and intense payoff when Spencer finally makes it back to the ranch.

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