How Daryl Dixon Got To France In The Walking Dead Revealed

AMC's new spinoff, "Daryl Dixon," removes itself from "The Walking Dead" franchise and takes place in France. The show revolves around Norman Reedus' character, Daryl Dixon, as he embarks on a mysterious journey from the United States to Europe. The first season of the show explains how Daryl reached France in a non-chronological order, with episode 5 revealing his journey back to the beginning. Daryl's trip to France is sparked by a deal he makes to gather zombies in exchange for gasoline, but it takes a dark turn when he discovers a villainous group running the operation. Daryl's escape from their clutches leads him to wash ashore in Marseille. The group's interest in recapturing Daryl lies in his knowledge of their experiments and the truth behind their zombie-hunting operation.

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