‘1923’ Star Aminah Nieves on the 1 Teonna Scene That ‘Broke’ Her on the ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel

The first season of the highly popular Yellowstone spinoff 1923 recently came to an end, leaving viewers stunned by its intense finale. Throughout the season, there were numerous heart-wrenching moments and unpredictable twists, but amidst all the chaos, there was a glimmer of hope.

This hope came in the form of Teonna Rainwater, a breakout Indigenous character portrayed brilliantly by Aminah Nieves. As the season unfolded, audiences watched Teonna endure countless hardships, only to discover in the final episode that she possessed the true spirit of a survivor.

However, there was one particular scene in the first season of 1923 that proved to be emotionally overwhelming for Nieves, almost breaking her during the filming of the Yellowstone prequel.

Teonna's introduction to viewers in 1923 was a harsh one. Right from the start of the show, Nieves' character suffered horrific abuse - physical, emotional, and sexual - simply because she refused to assimilate culturally. This portrayal of Teonna's struggles served as a stark reminder of a dark period in history when Native children attended schools run by the Catholic Church.

In a shocking turn of events, Teonna takes the lives of the nuns who had been tormenting her and escapes into the wilderness.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Nieves confessed that filming the scene in which her character exacts revenge on her abusers nearly "broke" her.

Thankfully, Nieves found the strength to complete the scene with the help of her mother's wise words. Despite doubting her ability to go to such emotional depths, her mother encouraged her, reminding her that this role was not just for her, but for all Indigenous communities. Inspired by her mother's support, Nieves pressed on.

Although Nieves had concerns about the difficult subject matter and Teonna's struggles, she firmly believed that it was vital to tell this story.

As the breakout star of 1923, Nieves felt a sense of responsibility in portraying the challenges faced by Indigenous peoples. Despite the challenging nature of some scenes, Nieves recognized the importance of accurately depicting them.

This was no small feat for Nieves, as Teonna's experiences were rooted in generations of trauma, making it an emotionally demanding role. However, she drew inspiration from her mother's encouragement, pushing herself to take on this difficult subject matter.

The portrayal of Teonna's journey on 1923 has sparked controversy among critics. Some have expressed concerns about the graphic and violent nature of the storyline, labeling it as "trauma porn.

" Nieves acknowledges that the realism is necessary for the show's success but reveals that the intensity of the set caused her to experience anxiety attacks during filming. She shares that it was challenging to protect herself from the traumas she had to portray as Teonna.

Despite the difficulties, Nieves commends creator Taylor Sheridan for his efforts to maintain a safe environment on the set of the Yellowstone prequel. She reveals that the set was closed off, strictly limited to those required to be there. Although the scenes took an emotional toll, Nieves appreciates the professional manner in which everything was handled.

In conclusion, the first season of 1923 captivated audiences with its intense storyline and powerful performances, especially Aminah Nieves' portrayal of Teonna Rainwater. Despite the challenging subject matter and emotionally overwhelming scenes, Nieves embraced her role and recognized the importance of shedding light on the struggles faced by Indigenous communities. With its controversial but necessary portrayal of trauma, 1923 continues to spark conversations about the portrayal of difficult stories in popular media.

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