Kevin Costner Says Estranged Wife Still Hasn't Moved Out Despite Prenup Terms!

says his estranged wife Christine is refusing to pack her stuff and leave their home despite the clear terms of their prenup ... claiming he's already given her well over a million bucks to find a new place.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Kevin says according to their prenup, Christine had 30 days to vacate the home he owns when she filed for divorce on May 1, but she still hasn't left.

The docs say Kevin's now asking for the court to get her out, and adds she shouldn't be able to stay in the house ... only using her position as leverage to make Kevin agree to her "various financial demands."

Kevin claims he's already given her a whopping $1.2 million per his obligations under the prenup -- and says overall, the amount he's shelled out has grown to around $1.45 million ... money she now has available to lock down a new place.

The docs even say he'd be open to contributing as part of his child support obligations $30K per month for a rental house and is willing to advance another $10K for her moving costs.

As we reported, Kevin insists he of their homes, and their long-standing prenup -- signed back in 2004 -- specifically stated she had to fully vacate upon filing for divorce.

TMZ broke the story, sources familiar told us last month was a huge shock to him -- adding it was a pretty devastating move ... so something like this might be giving Kevin an even bigger headache.

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