The Outlander Season 3 Premiere Sets Up a Different Kind of Season

The season 3 premiere of Outlander sets up a new kind of season for the show, with the main characters Claire and Jamie separated and leading their own storylines. The premiere episode takes place in both the 1940s and directly after the Battle of Culloden, with Jamie dealing with his wounds and near-death experience, while Claire moves to Boston with her husband Frank. The focus of the episode is on Claire's struggle to keep her marriage alive and provide for her daughter, all while grieving for Jamie. The season will continue to tell both Claire and Jamie's stories separately, with Claire's time in Boston receiving more focus. Showrunner Ron D. Moore revealed that the two main characters will not meet again until around the halfway mark of the season. Despite this separation, fans can expect elements that made the first two seasons enjoyable, such as Claire's determination and stunning costumes. The show aims to keep the story fresh and exciting by changing and growing, just like the books. The article concludes by stating that this change is not a bad one, and fans can expect to see the development of the characters' relationship and the impact of their child as the season progresses.

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