Outlander is About to Leave Scotland Behind

Outlander fans are eagerly anticipating the season finale of the show's third season, which is just five episodes away. The third season has been a rollercoaster for protagonists Jamie and Claire, as they have been separated in different time periods and faced various challenges. However, they were finally reunited in Edinburgh and even managed to make peace with Jamie's ex-wife Laoghaire. They planned to collect jewels that Jamie had found and head to France to start rebuilding their lives. Unfortunately, their plans were disrupted when Jamie's nephew Young Ian was kidnapped by pirates while attempting to retrieve the jewels.

This turn of events means that Jamie and Claire will have to face the wrath of Jamie's sister Jenny and go on a journey to rescue Young Ian.

The show will also be undergoing a major change of scenery as the characters travel to the West Indies. This shift will present a different feel to the rest of the season, with new climate, locations, and storytelling styles. The move to the West Indies will also introduce the sensitive topic of slavery to the show. Outlander has never shied away from difficult topics, so viewers can expect to see graphic and challenging scenes related to slavery.

While the show closely follows the book series it is based on, there are some deviations.

For example, Claire already knows about Jamie's son in the show, whereas in the books she learns about it later. However, the overall storyline and major plot points will remain faithful to the books.

Fans of the show's Scottish setting may be disappointed, as Jamie and Claire will not be returning to Scotland anytime soon. They will be traveling to the colonies after their time in the West Indies. However, there is still hope for fans of the Scottish feel, as Claire's daughter Brianna and Roger will have significant roles to play in season 4, which takes place in Scotland.

The next episode of Outlander, titled 'Doldrums', will air on November 12th. Fans can expect more excitement, drama, and challenges for Jamie and Claire as they continue their journey.

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