Fans Favorite Rom-Com Scenes of Jennifer Aniston, Ranked

Jennifer Aniston is the most famous actress in romantic comedies. Most of her films aren’t romantic comedies, and her characters are deep and complex. Aniston has taken on more dramatic roles in recent years, but she still makes rom-com gold, and fans love it.

Office Space

Ron Livingston plays Peter Gibbons, a 1990s software firm employee, in the movie Office Space. Peter’s misfortunes at work and in his relationship cause him to see Joanna (Jennifer Aniston) on the side.


In Rockstar, Aniston plays the hometown sweetheart of the main character. She knew him before he became famous, and now she watches how his life has changed because of it. She has been his loyal girlfriend but is starting to feel the distance.

Bruce Almighty

Jennifer Aniston’s most successful movie, Bruce Almighty, is about a reporter who complains to God about his life and is given God’s powers to see if he can do better. Bruce uses his powers to help himself before he realises that even if he wants to, he can’t answer everyone’s prayers.

Along Came Polly

Reuben Feffer, played by Ben Stiller, is always on the safe side. After his wife cheats on him on their honeymoon, he comes home to… Along Came Polly (Jennifer Aniston). She is not perfect. She loves dancing, spicy food, and ferrets. Reuben never does this.

Marley and Me

The memoir “Marley and Me” is about a dog and his family, and it will make your heart feel warm and fuzzy inside. At the movie’s beginning, John and Jenny (Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston) buy their first home and a puppy named Marley.

The Switch

In The Switch, Jason Bateman plays Wally Mars, a pessimist. Kassie, who is his best friend, is played by Jennifer Aniston. Kassie gets her sperm from someone else. He trades sperm at Kassie’s insemination party. After he met Kassie’s son, he thought about what had happened.

Just Go With It

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler have magical chemistry in Just Go With It. Aniston plays Katherine, Sandler’s assistant. Daniel uses his ring to impress and attract women after his wedding doesn’t go as planned. He meets a wife-material one night. Daniel must lie when she finds the ring.

We’re The Millers

In We’re The Millers, a low-level drug dealer, David (Jason Sudeikis), is robbed by teenagers. Since the new shipment is already in Mexico, he must go there soon. David needs to cross the border, so he takes his family on a weekend trip in an RV. Aniston is a dancer and a made-up wife while on the trip.


In the movie Dumplin, Jennifer Aniston plays Rosie, a former beauty queen who runs the beauty pageant in her small town. In one scene, Rosie’s pageant dress is too tight, so she has to lie in the car and be pulled out by her feet.