Yellowstone: 20 Best Quotes

For five seasons, has taught audiences what it means to be a rancher in a changing world, and how to care so deeply about your family that you would be willing to do anything to protect them, and luckily, nothing portrays these themes better than best quotes. Though they come from all types of characters, Duttons or not, dialogue succeeds at emphasizing the ideas of family, sacrifice, and hardship that are important to the show. Overall, these quotes show off the ideals of , but more than that, they elevate the uniquely Western ambiance of as a whole.

is a Western drama following the Dutton family, who own the largest contiguous ranch in America.

The family patriarch and sometimes . Aside from his ranch, John cares most about his three children. Beth is a blunt and fierce, and will do what she can to protect her family and its legacy. Kayce has become distanced from the Duttons to pursue his own life. Worst of all, Jamie has left the ranch completely to become a lawyer. Despite their disagreements, the Duttons and their peers must come together to preserve the ranch and everything it stands for.

20 “Learn To Be Meaner Than Evil And Still Love Your Family And Enjoy A Sunrise.” - John Dutton

Though is a modern Western, it never lacks classic Western themes. For example, this quote perfectly describes a cowboy's way of life: a man who must do hard things, yet can still enjoy his life and protect those he loves. The fact that this quote comes from John Dutton is no surprise either. John says this because he wants his children to understand that evil is inevitable, and they must survive it, but do so in a way that is still worth living.

19 "You're Either Born A Willow Or Born An Oak. That's All There Is To It." -Lloyd

Though John Dutton is the leader of Lloyd is considered the wise man on the ranch, which makes it unsurprising that he came out with this meaningful quote. While talking to Monica about her son Tate, Lloyd explains via this quote that some people are born strong and unmovable, while others are more flexible and easily persuaded. This is a perfect example of Lloyd's unending and relevant wisdom.

18 "I’d Rather Kill A Thousand Men Than Shoot Another Horse." -Rip

A major aspect of the Western lifestyle that is often overlooked is the actual ranch, but luckily,

Rip could never forget about the horses he rides every day. Though Rip is just as rough-and-tumble as the rest of the show's cowboys, this quote shows his more compassionate side - at least towards animals. This quote summarizes the balance of violence and love that the characters often face.

17 “A Man Who Puts A Hand On A Member Of My Family Never Puts A Hand On Anything Else.” -Jamie

Without family, would be nothing, and this quote explains just how deeply the Duttons care for each other.

What makes it all the more powerful is the fact that it is coming from Jamie, the black sheep of the family. In the end, this quote proves that even the outsiders of the Dutton family will still resort to violence when their family is threatened.

16 "You Are The Trailer Park. I’m The Tornado." -Beth

While everyone on the Dutton ranch has an edge of danger to them, none are as volatile as Beth Dutton. Beth holds no prisoners in all aspects of her life, and this quote is just one example of her power.

In a literal sense, Beth is like a natural disaster, and won't hesitate in bringing someone else down to get her way.

15 “When You Fight For A Thing, The Thing Doesn’t Care If You Win Or Lose Because The Thing Ain’t Alive. But When You Fight For People, They Care.” - Kayce

In there is family to fight for, but also, there are causes. Here, Kayce Dutton is arguing for the former. With this quote, he is saying that it is more satisfying to fight for people because they care about your efforts

, rather than a cause or a thing which can give nothing back. This quote shows one side of story.

14 "When The Misery Is Bad Enough, Tomorrow Is Rarely Factored Into Decisions."- Monica

The Western life isn't always easy, and Monica sums it up well with this wise quote. In it, she is saying that sometimes, when a person is having a bad time, they aren't worried about the future, because their present is so distracting. What is great about this quote is that it can describe any one of

characters when they are at their lowest. Therefore, it is not only smart, but relevant.

13 "You Know, When You Boil Life Down, It’s Funny Just How Little You Need, Isn’t It?" - Rip

Rip is full of cowboy wisdom as well as love for horses This quote, for one thing, is a great depiction of the Western lifestyle that the Duttons are desperately holding onto. Even as the world is expanding and becoming more accessible, Rip is arguing that humans still don't need very much to survive

. Likely, Rip believes that all he needs is the ranch and family.

12 “Our First Fight Is Against Being Ignored.” - Thomas Rainwater

Though centers on the Duttons and their ranchers, a portion of the series is used to explore Native American characters like Thomas Rainwater, and this quote is a great example of his role in the show. With this quote, Rainwater is saying that he and his peers have plenty to fight for, but first, they must be seen by society. This quote is meaningful because it has significant ties to the real world as well.

11 "It’s The One Constant In Life. You Build Something Worth Having, Someone’s Gonna Try To Take It." John

Once again, John Dutton offers a quote that reveals the more pessimistic side of world. With it, John is saying that the one thing that will never change in this world is that people will always try to steal what you've created. This quote is especially prevalent for the Dutton ranch, which is constantly threatened by outside factors. Plus, in some scenarios, this quote can feel true to real life as well.

10 “Well, I Guess I Should Ride Off Into The Sunset.
” - Jimmy

As much as is dramatic, it also has plenty of moments of levity, especially when it comes to Jimmy. This particular line is a prime example of this. Jimmy, all too aware of his cowboy nature, supposes that he should ride off into the sunset, just like the cowboys would in old Western movies. This is a fun way of pointing out its Western ties and the legacy it is trying to follow.

9 “I Can’t Think Of A Better Medicine Than The Stars For A Ceiling.” - Monica

Oftentimes, violence is balanced out by its appreciation for nature and life. For example, Monica declares that nothing will make a person feel better than lying outside under the stars. This type of dreamy line doesn't come up often in but when it does, it is quite relatable and enjoyable.

8 “There’s Sharks And Minnows In This World, Jimmy, And If You Don’t Know Which One You Are, Then You Ain’t A Shark.” - Rip

is often so much more than just saving the Dutton ranch. Typically, the characters must be savvy and smart if they want to get their way, and this Rip quote is a great portrayal of that.

With it, Rip is telling Jimmy that people are either the predator or the prey, and if you don't know which one you are, then you're probably the prey. Yet again, Rip adds some incredible wisdom to

7 “Karma Comes In All Shapes And Sizes. Guess It’s Me Today.” - Walker

Like Jimmy, Walker is often the member of the Dutton ranch that has something witty and cutting to say, and this quote is exactly that. There are many ways this line could be interpreted, but the most popular way is that

Walker is about to make someone pay for the bad things they have done, making him karma. This is definitely one of the coolest moments for Walker on Yellowstone.

6 The Only Thing I Ask Is That You Outlive Me So I Never Live Another Day Without You." - Beth

Although Beth is one of the fiercest characters on that does not mean that she is lacking in heart. When it comes to Rip, Beth turns out to have more heart than anyone, and this quote proves it. can often be romantic, and this Beth line is at the top of the list.

It combines her strong, stubborn personality with her unending love.

5 "You Know, You Did Something That No One Does, Rip. You’ve Outlived Your Past." - Lloyd

Once again, Lloyd is back with some perfectly thematic wisdom. In this quote, Lloyd is applauding Rip for doing the impossible, which is moving on from his traumatic past. As expected, this Lloyd quote is not just significant for Rip, but for the entire cast, who are each struggling with their own traumas. Therefore, this quote is not only a compliment for Rip, but a guide to what many other characters need to do.

4 “Jimmy, Cowboys Don’t Say Goodbye.” - Rip

While this quote may seem like it's referencing the old Western genre where men were not allowed to show emotions, this Rip line is actually much more meaningful than that. As Jimmy leaves the Dutton ranch, Rip tells him that cowboys don't say goodbyes, not because it is too polite or emotional, but because perhaps they will see each other again. In this way, it is a very heartfelt and caring quote.

3 “I Believe In Lovin’ With Your Whole Soul And Destroying Anything That Wants To Kill What You Love.
That’s It. That’s All There Is.” - Beth

Though this quote perfectly encapsulates Beth as a character, it is actually an amazing summarization of the Dutton family as a whole. is essentially built on this idea that its characters will go to any length to protect what they love. When Beth says this, she is not just speaking for herself, but for the show as a whole. believes in family, no matter the consequences.

2 "We’re With The Yellowstone. Nobody’s Gonna Mess With Us." - Jimmy

If there was any quote at the heart of it would be this one. In just a few words, it shows the danger of the cast and their tight-knit dynamic. In everyone is either an ally or an enemy, and if you're with the Duttons, you are on top. This quote perfectly captures this idea.

1 "Well, If Ranching Is So Hard, Why Do We Do It?" "Because It's One Hell Of A Life, Tate. One Hell Of A Life." - John

The reason why is so entertaining is because, as John Dutton says, it is one hell of a life.

In an interaction with his grandson Tate, John reveals that he keeps ranching because it is one hell of a life. Though this is vague, anyone who watches knows exactly what he means. There is love, violence, loss, and life, and all of it together makes for an incredible experience. By that logic, this is the greatest quote of all.

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